Last Friday, Halifax’s Trip Ninja integrated its travel-planning platform with Galileo, a computer reservations system owned by the international travel service company TravelPort.

It was one more step in a three-year process in an entrepreneurial journey that began when co-founder Andres Collart tried booking a trip to several European cities and learned of the difficulties in doing so. Since then, he and his three partners have been pushing forward, producing a product and learning the intricacies of the international travel industry. And by the end of August, they hope to sign their first online travel agency as a client — a deal that could mean significant revenue for the young company.

“We’re not an online travel agency,” Collart told an audience of about 350 people at the Dalhousie LaunchPad Demo Day last week. “But with Trip Ninja it’s easy to provide any person with a personalized trip created just for them.”

Trip Ninja serves people who want to travel to several different cities in a single trip and don’t care about the order in which they visit these locations. Three years ago, Collart himself wanted to travel to five different European cities and found there were 120 possible combinations of flights. There was no online travel agent that would help someone planning a multi-city trip.

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