We learned how to really create a product our target demographic wanted. The customer discovery part of this program is huge. Making a product that people want is so huge because that focuses your effort, and makes you so much more efficient so that you aren’t wasting time, money and effort in the wrong places

Riley Giffin

Co-founder, Coldstream Clear

What Ed and Mary have built to me represents a home base in Halifax. That support system is unparalleled. We’re just a big family. It’s very exciting to see this ecosystem evolve and to be on the leading edge, where other cities may not be

Megan McCarthy

Founder & CEO, powerWHYS

It really takes a community to build an ecosystem, and we’re all part of that. And it’s really exciting to see how it continues to grow. Growing an ecosystem allows you to keep top talent in the region and attract new top talent to the region

Charlotte Rydlund

Entrepreneur in Residence, Propel ICT

Launch Dal’s programming provides the foundation, the confidence and the methodology that allow you to not only get off the ground, but then to continue growing, to continue being innovative.

Chris Cowpersmith

Spring Loaded Technology

I have really come to understand how important it is to not waste the talent we have in science labs, but to harness this talent to build entrepreneurial opportunities for our local, regional and national economy.

Dr. Aaron Newman

The Launch Dal program was immensely helpful in transforming a PhD thesis into the start-up we have today. It is an essential part of the Nova Scotia entrepreneurial community; the resources, the peer and advisor support, and the tough questions were exactly what we needed to create our map to market, and we did so without either of us having a business degree. With any startup, there are twists and turns in building your product or business model, but the core learning of Launch Dal has given us the resiliency and confidence to continue creating value for our customers.

Jill Johnson

CEO, NeoThermal Energy Storage