LaunchPad 2017 Cohort

A wearable technology that allows athletes to track their brain activity to enhance performance.

A ROV that detects marine life, and collects and analyzes data.

An on-demand SMS/MMS peer coaching platform that supports neuro diverse youth and adults living with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Tourettes, Executive Function and Emotional Challenges in the moments when they need it most.

Using virtual reality to provide an inexpensive and interaction virtual reality simulator for first responders and military.

Ticket sales and event management platform utilizing block chain technology to eliminate ticket scalping, fraud and improving the overall experience.

A novel technology that will help patients with sleep apnea breathe easier and more comfortably during sleep.

The production and development of graphene and related products through innovative technologies.

PLANifax is a social enterprise that helps people to become civicially engaged in their communities through the magic of video. We call it engagement journalism.

Vioa supports the sustainable management of marine resources through the recycling of seafood processing waste to manufacture value added by-products such as protein additives for aquaculture feed.

Trip Ninja helps you find the best route for your multi-city trip, we search hundreds of possibilities for your trip and give you the lowest cost option.

MowBot is a grass mowing service that uses lawn mowers controlled through the internet. MowBot reduces the amount of employees golf courses need to manage, while providing a reliable mowing schedule that is tailored to the golf course’s needs.