Starting in January, Launch Dal began their mini-accelerator for the Winter term. The Collide fall program was a great success with 13 different workshops and networking events, resulting in 11 eligible completing the program requirements.


The Collide Winter program recruited over 30 applicants with 7 teams successfully completing the program. Requirements this year were increased to ensure more opportunities for the teams to perfect their pitches. The program required teams to attend 4 pitch nights, 3 workshops and 2 networking events. From January 31st to April 20th Launch Dal offered 16 events under the Collide program.


Fireside chat guests included Shivam Rajdev of Analyze Re, Stefanie MacDonald of Halifax Paper Hearts and Mitch Hollohan of Site 2020. The program also hosted a Women in Charge speaker panel in honour of International Women’s Day, which included heavy hitters in entrepreneurship including Megan MacCarthy (powerWHYS), Cat Adalay (Aurea), Natalie Leonard (Passive Design Solutions), Sue Siri (Iris Booth Inc.) and Shelley Simpson (SGS Solutions).


The program also gave participants in the program to learn from such mentors as Mary Kilfoil, Cat Adalay, Ed Leach, Don Sedgewick, John Robertson, Mark Hobbs and Bob Williamson. In the month leading up to the competition, Launch Dal arranged weekly pitch nights in the Collider which included 5 minute pitches and feedback from mentors.


A week before the competition on April 13th, the 7 eligible teams pitched in a Pitch Qualifer event which determined the top 5 teams that would move forward to the Collide Pitch Competition.


The 5 final teams included:


Velox – Connor Kirby

A replacement for the conventional mouse that tracks eye and hand movement to help prevent carpal tunnel.


ADD Text – Keith Gelhorn

An on-demand SMS/MMS coaching platform that supports neurodiverse youth and adults living with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Tourettes, Executive Function and Emotional Challenges in the moments when they need it most.


Pocket Pass – Conor Daly and Kyle Gardiner

A ticket sales platform that uses block chain technology to eliminate ticket scalping.


Tranquility Online – Joel Muise

An online platform to help people suffering with anxiety by offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with the support of coaches that is: affordable, timely, stigma-free, personal and accessible on-demand.


NovaSpectrum Analytics Inc. – Lawrence Taylor

SeaLogR™: A mobile-web management application that helps shellfish growers achieve their business vision and outcomes by finding the data they need.


Judges for the competition included John Hamblin (Transportation and Logistics Systems Specialist and Startup Canada Halifax Community Founder), Rick Gant (RA Gant Consulting Inc.), Allan Ferguson (President at Ace Plumbing and Heating Limited) and Aaron Dressler (Senior Financial Consultant). Judges scored each team based on criteria which included how the teams present the problem they are solving, how they use the business model and how they plan to execute their go to market strategy.


The third place prize ($1,000) went to Connor Kirby, a 13 year old with a passion for technology who impressed the judges with his high-energy pitch about his product that aims to replace the house by tracking eye and hand movement. Second place ($2,000) went to returning applicant Joel Muise. His company Tranquility Online will offer an online platform to support those suffering with anxiety through individual and group coaching in cognitive behavioural therapy. Conor Daly and Kyle Gardiner were the first place winners ($3,000) with their company called Pocket Pass – a ticket sales and event management platform utilizing Blockchain technology to eliminate ticket scalping and ticket fraud, while providing users with a more social and interactive experience at events.


The judges expressed that this was a close competition, and that they thoroughly enjoyed all the pitches that were presented. All teams made great progress in perfecting their pitches and implementing feedback received from the program. The winning teams can apply to use their funds towards their ventures.


Launch Dal is now gearing up for the 100K Competition, the LaunchPad Accelerator and Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centres conference in October.