Starting on September 20th, Launch Dal initiated the Collide program – a series of entrepreneurial workshops, pitching and networking events to help individuals launch their ventures. So began a program with the goal to inspire entrepreneurship and connect mentors with new students in hopes of “paying it forward”.


The Collide Fall Program offered 5 different Fireside Chats which connected participants with industry heavy hitters including Cam McDonald (Iconic Brewing), Paul LeBlanc (Extreme Group), Brian Jeffcock (Sidestory), Ardi Iranmanesh (Affinio), Chris Cower-Smtih (Spring Loaded Technology) and Jesse Guth (Avid Apparel). The program also offered mentoring though 8 workshops and pitching sessions, which helped participants fine tune their pitches in preparation for the final competition. At the final Pitch Competition on December 1st $6,000 was awarded to 3 winning teams, to use towards their ventures.


Launch Dal is excited to present the next Collide program: Collide Winter 2017. The winter semester of Collide will offer even more events and opportunities to those who are accepted. Set to launch with a fireside chat on Tuesday, January 24th, Collide Winter participants will need to attend 4 pitching sessions, 3 workshops and 2 fireside chats to be eligible to compete in the final competition. Different from last year, the Winter program will be running a Pitch Qualifier before the final Competition. Finalists will then present their final pitches in the Pitch Competition, scheduled for April 6th, 2017.


Collide applicants were very pleased with their experience in the program, as it gave them more than the chance to win prize money: it gave them education, confidence, connections and experience. The Collide program is open to everyone – students, researchers and community members and is free of charge. Launch Dal is well underway in planning the Winter program – set to launch in January 2017.


Active Collide participant Joel Muise says of the program: “To have programs like this open to non-Dal Students is amazing!  Getting people to get out of the class and talk to potential customers is such an obvious concept, but not something that is being thought at most Universities!”