Launch Dal invites the entrepreneurial community to join Brian Jeffcock, co-founder of Sidestory, in a fireside chat and networking event on Tuesday, October 18th at 8pm in the Musé Café and Pub. Collide: Fireside Stories is the second of a series of workshops and networking events under the Collide Fall 2016 program, which kicked off on September 20th, 2016 and has since accepted 17 teams into the program.

Brian is a highly driven entrepreneur that specializes in product design and marketing. He recently co-founded Sidestory ( along with Gavin Uhma and Ben Decoste.

Previous to Sidestory, he co-founded Execute Skate (a Propel ICT/ Dalhousie starting lean alumni) and Affinio.

Sidestory is a application that “helps people compose and send beautiful, thoughtful messages. More detailed than Snapchat, more private than Facebook, more elegant than texting”[1].

On Tuesday night Brian will participate in an interview with a Dalhousie student and draw on his experiences in validating his business ideas and getting them off the ground in a quick and effective manner. Following the session, we will welcome questions from the crowd and networking. Registration for the event will start 8pm at the Musé Café and Pub.

Launch Dal’s Collide Program is for anyone who has an idea and would like to take that idea to the next level. The program includes 17 teams and individuals who will attend several workshop and pitching events, leading up to a final Pitch Competition for prize money. Collide is open to everyone – students, researchers and community members and is free of charge.


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