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We are building a vibrant entrepreneurial culture among students, researchers, faculty and the community.
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Our Mission

To build a vibrant entrepreneurial culture among students, faculty and the community at large that embraces innovation in creating value for society led by leaders who manage with integrity, focus on sustainability and make things happen.

We do this through:

  • Supporting the academic programs and courses taught within the Rowe School of Business and Dalhousie University at large
  • Supporting the entrepreneurial community.
  • Providing opportunities for Dalhousie students to work with the entrepreneurial community.
  • Facilitating the incubation of student business ideas.

Our Work

The Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship’s (NNCE’s) Launch Dal© programming provides an extensive ranges of support for entrepreneurship and innovation through courses, workshops, seminars, mentor training, and a range of programs open to students, researchers, and members of the community.

The NNCE is attached to the Rowe School of Business Administration, within the Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University. NNCE promotes entrepreneurship in its many forms, through innovative curriculum, applied research and collaborative extension work (outreach). Our definition of entrepreneurship is broad and includes the development or growth of enterprises for profit, for social benefit and for sustainability.

In addition to supporting technology and technical start-ups through mentoring, coaching and training efforts, the NNCE provides mentoring, coaching and training to entrepreneurial students, create exemplars of technology and technical entrepreneurship through research projects and further expand the relationship with the business community.

Our Impact

  • Over 80 Launch Dal Start-ups
  • Over 800 jobs created by Launch Dal Start-ups
  • Over 65 qualified mentors in our mentor network
  • Over $10 million Capital raised by Launch Dal companies
  • $15 Million in Launch Dal company exits
  • Over 300 Launch Dal students hired by NS companies
  • 173% growth in student, faculty and community engagement from 2013-2016
  • Over 300 reputation building articles, stories and events
  • Over 60 Launch Dal events hosted per year
  • Over $300K in funding to student venture teams

Our Pipeline

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